New Angry Birds Star Wars teaser

Angry Birds is definitely one of the most famous smartphone games, with over 12 million copies purchased from the Apple Store and Android Market. The success of finnish developers Rovio Entertainment’s game has prompted the team to release the game on consoles too.
The game’s charm lies in its simple but addictive gameplay: armed with a slingshot, players launch stylized wingless birds at pigs stationed on many different structures, completing a stage once all pigs have been defeated by either bumping into them or making the structures collapse. As the game progresses new birds with new abilities will become available.
A few special editions have also been released: Angry Birds Seasons, a special edition with Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Summer themed stages; Angry Birds Rio, based on the 20th Century Fox movie Rio, where the angry birds interact with the characters from the movie; Angry Birds Space, as the name suggests, takes place in space with 60 new stages and some upgrades on gameplay.

A new Angry Birds special edition was announced on October 8 and will be released on November 8. Called Angry Birds Star Wars, the game will be a humorous crossover with the Star Wars original trilogy: the Angry Birds will play as the Rebels, the Bad Piggies as the Empire.
A new teaser trailer was released today and you can watch it below. Be ready as the destiny of the Galaxy will ride on your slingshots!


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