New Agent 47 video for Hitman: Absolution

With Hitman: Absolution almost upon us, IO Interactive and Square-Enix don’t want players to forget about the impending release of the fifth entry of the Hitman series and to this end they’ve been releasing a constant stream of promotional video and trailers. A new one has been posted online a few hours ago and you can view it below.

The latest video is part of the ICA (International Contract Agency) files, a series of videos providing in depth background information of the main cast of Hitman: Absolution, featuring exclusive art from comic artist Ben Oliver: the latest file focuses on Agent 47, the series main character, and sheds some light on his background and his past.
The full game will delve even further Agent 47’s mysterious life, starting from where Hitman: Blood Money ended: Agent 47 will find himself at the center of dark conspiracy, betrayed by those he believed in and hunted by the same organization he worked for.

As previously reported, the game will sport quite a few new additions and tweaks to the formula, with a revised HUD and radar system, a cover system, a “slow-motion” shooting system and more tweakings in the shooting mechanics that will make Hitman: Absolution play more like a modern 3rd person shooter than old Hitman games.

If you can’t wait to join Agent 47 in his journey to find the truth, you’ll just have to be patient for a few more days: Hitman: Absolution will hit shelves on November 20 for Pc, Ps3 and Xbox 360.


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