New 15 min long Wii U promotional video

Nintendo is really serious in promoting its new console and making sure that all its innovative features will be understood by all the potential customers. A new 15 min long television ad was released yesterday showcasing most of the features of the new console and some big games that will be available on launch day

Ever since the system was announced back in 2011, it looked like Nintendo had acknowledged the limitations of the Wii console and desired to expand even more on the “new ways to play” concept introduced with the DS handheld and Wii. The Wii U will finally sport HD graphics, a better online infrastructure and a classic, standard, gamepad in an attempt to win back hardcore gamers, turned off by the “casual” approach of the previous Nintendo home console. The real innovative feature of Wii U is its controller: a tablet controller with built in touchscreen, accelerometer, gyroscope, camera, dual analog sticks, microphone and support for near field communication.
The touch screen on the GamePad will be used in a variety of way, like providing a secondary screen where the HUD of games can be displayed avoiding cluttering the main screen with too much info, streamline game operations and even play the game itself on the tablet while someone else is using the Tv connected to the console.

If you’re still unsure of some of the new features of the console you can watch the 15 min television ad below.
Nintendo Wii U will be available next week, November 18 in North America, November 30 in Europe and December 8 in Japan.



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  1. oh man… Nintendo…. I get that your targeting families etc.. but your the first out the door next gen console here.. more hard gaming and less proper family sit downs where everyone talks nice and kids are just casually playing.. the real world isn’t like that.. at least not here in my family. bottom line.. to many rainbows and unicorns in your promo 🙂

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