Need for Speed: Most Wanted drives through some good scores

It seems like Need for Speed: Most Wanted will be able to drive at high speeds on the gaming market thanks to its quality: the game has been reviewed positively so far.

Edge has given the game a 9/10, stating how Criterion managed to stand out and offer a fresh and quality experience.
Eurogamer praises the sense of competition and discovery in the game’s open world, giving the game a 8/10; The Official Xbox Magazine notes how the extensive online features really make the game stand out and gives a 8/10 rating; Game Informer notices the sheer amount of content and the fun in having an unpredictable event like a civilian car mess up a perfect street race, rating the game with a 9.0.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted, developed by Criterion and published by Electronic Arts, was just released this week on Ps3,Xbox 360, PsVita and Pc. The game takes on the gameplay style of the first Most Wanted title released in 2005, allowing player more freedom during the game. Player will be able to choose a car and compete with other drivers to reach a specific destination but, unlike the first Most Wanted, they can choose any route for their goal. Not all races will be smooth sailing since the cops will try anything to stop the race and arrest the challengers.
The game’s online mode features a social system called Cloudcompete which allows for cross-platform play as one profile on the system will be used for all versions of the game.

A Wii U version has been recently announced and is set for a generic 2013. All the other versions of the game are already available for purchase.


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