More details on Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay

As it was expected, new details about Grand Theft Auto 5 are constantly coming in: ever since the second trailer reveal and Gameinformer’s big coverage of the game, there’s not a day lately that doesn’t bring in new Grand Theft Auto 5 news.
And it’s Gameinformer once again the source of the news: writer Matt Bertz went to Rockstar studios to learn more about the game and answered more than one question about the game

From what can be understood so far, missions will have a lot of variety, not only from a gameplay point of view but also in the overall tone. The three characters won’t always be present: sometimes you may get to swap between two of them, other times between all three and in some occasions they may also do their thing by themselves. One thing that seems certain is that Rockstar is dead set on removing some of tedium coming from the constant having to move from Point A to Point B during a mission: players will always be at the center of the action.
The missions revealed so far are mostly serious in tone, with the three characters preparing and pulling off heists: however there’ll be plenty of occassions for some humorous moments.

More details have also been divulged on the possibility of returning characters: no one from older GTA games will be back, however players may be able to meet some familiar faces from Grand Theft Auto 4.

Something that’s still a bit undecided, as confirmed by Dan Houser, is the inventory system: at this point in development characters will have seperate items and money but that’s an aspect of the game that’s ultimately decided towards the end of development so it’s still a bit uncertain right now.

The more we know about Grand Theft Auto 5 the more it looks like Rockstar is trying to change things and improve the tried formula.

GTA 5 is set for a Spring 2013 release on Ps3 and Xbox 360. A Pc and Wii U versions are currently being considered.

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