Monolith Software Talks About Their First Wii U Game, Inspiration And Japanese Gaming Industries

The current console generation hasn’t been too favorable for many japanese developers: long development times, graphics not always on par with western made products and so on. It’s almost ironic that one of the best JRPG released during these last years has been released on Wii, which sported an old gen hardware. Nonetheless, Monolith has shown how it’s possible to create such a huge experience even without the power of HD consoles, as long as ideas are there.

In a recent interview, Michihiko Inaba talks about a wide range of topics, ranging from the current state of the Japanese gaming industries, their plans for their first Wii U project and their inspiration. The last topic is particularly interesting since Inaba san mentions that the people at Monolith really look up to Bethesda Softworks, one of the most prolific western RPG studios: the goal at Monolith is to show that Japanese teams still have what it takes to make it big like them. He also feels like the Japanese industry has kind of lost its touch which allowed them to great countless masterpieces in the past: this is why they’ll be doing everything they can to make their first game something that will be remembered, a game they promised will be challenging and addicting and that will bring people together.

Not much info is available on Monolith’s first HD project: reports some time ago stated that the team was going to take it’s time before starting developing a HD project. However, judging from Inaba san words, it looks like development has indeed started.


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