Microsoft Surface Pro With Windows 8 Coming in 2013

The Microsoft Surface launched in October and it’s selling pretty decently. One of my biggest problems with Windows RT is that it doesn’t tap into the enormous market presence of the desktop version of Windows. There are millions of programs and application that run on the Windows platform, which would mean a gigantic advantage over Android and iOS. Well apparently Microsoft and I think alike, because the Microsoft Surface Pro has been announced.

The Microsoft Surface Pro will launch starting at $899. The Pro will come equipped with Intel’s third generation Core i5 processor. It will also feature a great USB 3.0 port. With all of this, I think there’s going to be a little war over semantics in the tech blogosphere. The way I (and probably many more) people see it, the MS Surface Pro is not a tablet. It is simply a laptop shaped like a tablet. It has a keyboard, a powerful processor, a full USB port, a hefty price tag and most importantly a full desktop OS with access to the entire Windows library of programs. Whether or not this distinction is important in the industry is yet to be seen. I’ve seen the tech crowd make a huge deal out of smaller things. It’s also interesting to note that before Apple started this whole tablet craze, everyone expected them to release an OS X tablet. It’s possible that one of the groups Microsoft is targeting is the one who was disappointed to find out the Apple’s tablet was actually a giant iPod Touch.

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