Marvelous AQL wants to localize Half Minute Hero 2

One of the best Psp games ever released was Half Minute Hero: the game sported a retro graphical presentation and a pick up and play simple but addicting structure. Its sequel, Half Minute Hero 2 was released last year in Japan on psp but wasn’t localized probably because of not so stellar sales of the first game in the west. But not all is lost since there may be a chance for the game to hit western’s shores.

Half Minute Hero was developed by Marvelous Entertainment and released on Psp in 2009 with a Xbox 360 and Steam remake released last year.
The game features 6 different game modes with each mode based on one part of a larger story and each featuring different gameplay styles: Hero 30 mode play similiar to a japanese rpg with quite some nice twists in the formula, requiring players to complete each stage within 30 seconds! Evil Lord mode plays like a real time strategy game where players can summon 3 different types of monsters, each with strong and weak points.
Princess Mode 30 is similiar to a shoot em up game, with stages lasting no longer than 30 seconds, with some ingame mechanic that may make the countdown longer.
Knight 30 is an action game where players control a knight who must protect a stage casting a spell of destruction: as you may have guessed, it takes 30 seconds to cast the spell.
Hero 300 and Hero 3 are the last modes: they play like Hero 30 mode but in Hero 300 you have 300 seconds to complete the single, big stage, in Hero 3 only 3 seconds will be available.
The remake of Half Minute Hero available on Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam removed all the different play modes making the whole game play like the Hero 30 mode as did the direct sequel Half Minute Hero 2: the sequel also features a new story and even an all new level editor.

Recently Marvelous AQL has been showing interest in bringing Half Minute Hero 2 in the west, as a Steam release. You can let the developers know you’re interested by going here and vote, just like I did. The game is really too much fun to pass up!


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