Manufacturers Accidentally Put Mass Effect 2 on Some Black Ops 2 PC Discs

Imagine bringing home your brand new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game that you pre-ordered and waited months for, popping it into your PC, and seeing Commander Shepard on your screen instead of Treyarch’s new futuristic shooter.

Frustrating, huh?

Apparently this has happened to many gamers, nd reports are coming in all over the internet from Reddit, the official Call of Duty Community, Steam, and even on YouTube (see below).

This has happened for just the physical versions of Black Ops 2 for PC, and the digital versions via Steam have been confirmed to have all the adequate files. Gamers can still choose to download the files via Steam, however this is still a major inconvenience and marks an epic fail for the disc manufacturers.

Has something like this ever happened to you?


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