Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII New Trailer Now Available

Just like it was promised, a new trailer for the final episode of the Lightning Saga, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has finally revealed, showcasing some of the game’s features which were already slightly detailed in the latest Famitsu Issue. You can watch the trailer below.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will bring a close to Final Fantasy XIII story, wrapping up all the events of XIII-2: the game stars once again Lightning as she will have to save the world from destruction, a destruction which will come in only 13 days. Time will have a central importance in the game where Light’s actions will reduce or increase the time before the end. Also, our blonde heroine  can also travel freely, with no obstacles that can get in her way thanks to a new exploration system.

By watching the trailer, we can see our heroine clad in that black armor we already saw in yesterday’s scan: a nice feature will be the ability to customize Lightning’s armor to the player’s likings, even though it’s hard to tell how the feature will work by looking at the trailer. There are also some battle scene shown and, contrary to what was said, the battle system is still going to be turn based, featuring the paradigm shift as Lightning fights by herself her enemies.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will hit Ps3 and Xbox 360 sometime in 2013.


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