Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII New Extended Trailer

Square-enix was dead serious when they announced that starting December they would be going all out with new infortmation about the next Final Fantasy entry, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. After all the information published on Famitsu, screenshots and a first trailer, today it the time to watch a new trailer, an extended version of the one shown earlier this week, showing more of Lightning’s animation, enemies and locations.

Lightining Returns: Final Fantasy XIII looks incredibly promising: even though it brings a close to Light’s story arc, started with Final Fantasy XIII, the game seems to not have much in common with the previous titles. Lightning new outfit seems to underline the distance with the other FFXIII games and not only aestethically: she’s going to be the only playable character in the game. The battle system will be a more action-oriented version of the ATB battle system used in FF XIII and XIII-2. The Paradigm Shift system will be tweaked to suit a single character battle system and more QTE events are expected as well. Environment interaction will be greatly improved as well with more exploration possibilities, not far from current gen action-adventure games, or so the developers promise.

Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be released next year on Ps3 and Xbox 360. No release date has been currently given, however we’re sure to hear more about the game in the next days: no one will be able to forget Lightining, that’s for sure.


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