Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII New Details

Lightning returns, and this time for real with some first real details on the next chapter of the Lightning Saga: thanks to some japanese magazine scans, we finally get to look at Lightning’s new outfit and some more details on the game.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the last chapter of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy which will bring a close to the epic struggle of Lightning to change her fate and the fate of the world. The game will be quite a change from Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2: picking off from where XIII-2 ended, Lightning will have to save the world from destruction, destruction that will come in only 13 days. Time will have an important role in the game since Light’s actions will have consequences on the time left before destruction comes. The game will also feature a new spin on the active time battle system used in the previous entries of the saga, with more action and less waiting, coupled with the paradigm shift system introduced in Final Fantasy XIII.

This game is gonna be all about change and so does Light’s outfit: she’s shown wearing a black armor and white cape, a radical variation of her XIII-2 white armor. This is just gonna be her default costume though: there will be more than 20 included in the final game. More details on the game are also available: Lightning will be able to travel the world with a lot of freedom over terrain, jumping on obstacles and other environment’s items and even use some stealth elements. Did anyone else think Assassin’s Creed when reading this? I did.

More details are sure to come very soon, with a new trailer scheduled to hit the web this week.

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