Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: All Star Battle New Trailer And Details

Among all the anime series which received a video game treatment, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is probably the most unique of them. A multi-generational story spanning over 100 manga volumes, often dealing with mature themes featuring really a lot characters, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure received two game adaptations, both courtesy of Capcom: a 2d fighter which was recently released again on PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace and a 3D beat em up, featuring cell shaded graphics and following the Giorgio Giovanna storyline.

Fans of the series were happy to know the series hadn’t been forgotten by developers once the new Jojo All Stars Battle game was announced by Namco-Bandai some months ago: the game is being developed by Cyber Connect 2 and it won’t just focus on a single storyline. Many characters coming from all over the series will be present, from the very first chapters to the Stone Ocean storyline. A new trailer has been recently released, reviewing the manga storyline with in game models. By looking at the trailer, one can note how much care Cyberconnect is putting into the game: all characters look greatly detailed and animated.

Other than this trailer, some other videos are rumored to be available in the Jump Festa event, currently being held in Japan, featuring some more previously unseen characters like Jonathan Joeastar, Narancia Ghira, Foo Fighters, Valentine and some more. This is still a rumor, so take it for what it is until confirmation.

Jojo All Star Battle will be available in 2013 on Ps3. The game will also be released in the west, on a date yet to be disclosed.



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