Jet Set Radio gets a PsVita, iOS and Android release

Jet Set Radio is a name Dreamcast lovers will surely remember as one of the most inspired titles for Sega’s last console ever produced. Luckly the game didn’t die alongside the Dreamcast but has received a recent HD port already available on Xbox 360 and Ps3: now there’s a release date for PsVita, iOS and Android versions too.

Jet Set Radio was originally developed by Smilebit and published by Sega, released in 2000 for Dreamcast: in the game you play as a member of a rebellious gang called the GGs as they fight to gain control of a fictional city while battling other gangs and avoiding the police. Characters use inline skates and can jump, grind on rails and skitch on the back of cars.
The most common objective in the game is to spray over other gangs graffiti: to do so players must collect spraypaint cans.
The game has some degree of variety in objectives: other than spraying graffiti you’ll have showdowns with other gangs and escape sections where player will have to run from the police.
The game was also ported to Gameboy advance in 2003, featuring similiar gameplay and a reworked soundtrack.

A HD port was released back in September for Xbox 360, Ps3 and Pc, available through Steam: the port features updated widescreen High Definition graphics, a new camera system and an online leaderboard. Due to copyright issues, three tracks were removed from the soundtrack: other than this, the port is really well done and manages to capture what made Jet Set Radio so fun on Dreamcast.

Sega has finally given today a release date for the remaining versions of the HD port: Vita users will be able to get the game from PSN starting next week, on November 20; iOS and Android players will have to wait a bit more as the game will be available from November 29.


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