Grand Theft Auto 5 Release Date Revealed

As 2012 comes to a close, hype begins to rise for some big 2013 releases. One of the biggest is going to be Grand Theft Auto 5, officially revealed a couple of months ago. The new entry will bring some long awaited changes in the formula, couples with the return to the city of Los Santos which players have already visited in GTA: San Andreas.

Rockstar games, after some promo material leak, confirmed a Spring 2013 release window, making pre-orders start. And now it seems like we finally have a release date, though it still needs official confirmation.

As reported by, Amazon has started sending emails to all who preordered the game stating that the game will be released on March 26th. If you go check out their listing on the site, the release date still is a generic Spring date but it’s probably gonna be changed soon.

It’s not the first time Amazon creates some release dates out of the blue, but this seems realistic enough for a lot of reasons: the confirmed Spring release, March 26th is a Tuesday, when games do get released in North America. With GTA 4 getting released in April, back in 2008, this March 26th seems like it could be the true release date.

Rockstar still has to comment about this tentative release date: we’ll keep you all updated on the matter.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch on Ps3 and Xbox 360, with a possible Pc release.


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