Going beyond the Wall? Grab that sword and get back in the world of Game Of Thrones

Going beyond the mysterious Wall of Game Of Thrones will soon become a reality, thanks to a new DLC released for the Xbox 360 version of the action-rpg based on the now famous HBO tv series.

Game Of Thrones was released this summer for Pc, Xbox 360 and Ps3 and it’s part of the multimedia adaption of the first book of the ” A Song of Fire and Ice” medieval fantasy books by author George R. R. Martin. Developed by Cyanide, the game is a standard western action role playing game starring member of the Nightwatch Mors Westford and exilee Alester Sarwyck. The game was praised for its superior storyline, characters and good transposition of some of the series most prominent landmarks but judged lacking on the gamplay side, citing repetitive combat and dull exploration sections.

The new downloadable content will be called “Beyond the Wall: Blood Bound” and it will be centered around Mors Westford past, taking the players back when he was a simple Nightwatch recruit. Taking place in the Wildling territory, players can expect a 2 hours long journey.

The “Beyond the Wall: Blood Bound” DLC is already available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, costing 400 Microsoft Points. Developers Cyanide has promised that the DLC will soon be available for the PS3 and PC versions too.



Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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