Free Vita App Ecolibrium Lets You Build An Ecosystem

Vitas ever-growing library of free apps will soon be getting a new addition. Ecolibrium is slated for release tomorrow as part of Sony’s Discovery Apps. This new social networking-type game is described as a virtual ecosystem for you to care for an expand.

Ecolibrium will allow you to purchase many varieties of flora and fauna to spruce up your personal biosphere with. It also utilizes the Near feature in a very cool way, allowing you to release your creatures into the wild for other users to find and adopt.

The community interaction doesn’t stop there as you can also trade resources using an online auction feature. There is also a GPS system so you can track new animals to collect and care for. Free games still have to pay the developers, so there is an option to buy boxes to expand your game; this is most likely to give access to more animals and environmental decorations.

This app does include a feature that allows you to take pictures of your creatures and share them to Facebook, but I was kind of planning on ignoring that.

Ecolibrium looks like an excellent addition to the Vita apps and games, and it’s right up my alley. I have especially been waiting for more ways to use my Near so this is a very welcome opportunity.

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