Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Final Alpha Testing Phase Beginning Next Week

After doing a lot of things wrong with the first release of Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix is making sure everything is fine before relaunching the game as Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn. It won’t simply be an expansion but an entire reworking of the game. In a recent letter written by game’s producer Naoki Yoshida and posted on the official Final Fantasy XIV forums we have come to known that the fourth and final alpha test will begin next week.

Given how alpha tests are supposed to simulate playing during a regular day after release, they’re going to increase how many areas are available in this final alpha test: an entire world has been added, allowing more 1000 players to participate into the test. Yoshida-san states that each area is supposed to hold up to that number, coupled with all the activities a player may take like fighting enemies, traveling from world to world and so on. Obviously there’s gonna be some limitations on available classes, equipments, races and total obtainable level, capped at level 20. Players who will enter the alpha test will have to create a characters from scratch even though characters from the first version of the game can be imported into the final game. The final purpose of this test is checking if the servers are ready to sustain the full game.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn alpha test is going to last for the entire month: there’s still no confermed release date except for a generic 2013. Rumors say that the game will launch in the first half of the year on Pc with the Ps3 version following close.



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