Final Fantasy V Heading To Mobiles: Possible Remake Rumored

Final Fantasy V Heading To Mobiles: Possible Remake Rumored

As all Square enix fans know, the developer attention during this generation was mostly aimed at mobile devices, both handheld consoles and mobile devices. The handheld production was indeed prolific, with some great games released on Psp and DS like The World Ends With You, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Final Fantasy Type O and some others. Classic Final Fantasy remakes were also pretty successful, with both Final Fantasy III and IV 3D remakes doing pretty well on the DS.

Today’s news is the announcement of Final Fantasy IV being available for mobile devices now and, as you might have guessed, we’re talking about the 3D Remake, featuring some polished graphics on par with the Final Fantasy III iOS port and some gameplay tweakings. The most interesting news comes from the end of the video, announcing that Final Fantasy V is coming to mobiles as well. Given how the most up to date version of Square Enix’s classic is the Gameboy Advance version, it’s hardly unlikely that a 16 bit version may be heading.

A 3D remake is not so unlikely as well: more than once Square Enix has expressed interest in remaking the remaining 16 bit entries of the series.

With this rumor running wild, Square Enix is sure to comment in the next few hours. In the meantime you can check Final Fantasy IV reveal video below.

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