EverQuest 2 newest expansion detailed

Player weren’t really expecting this much longevity, even though the game’s name might have given it away: Everquest 2, the Sony Online Entertainment MMORPG released back in 2004, is getting a new expansion with quite a long list of new features.

The Chains of Eternity expansion will add two more locations to the game, with their own share of epic quests: players will journey to Ethernere, Norrath’s afterlife realm, to investigate the appearence of mysterious creatures in the world of Norrath.
While traveling through the Eidolon Jungle and the Obolo Plains’ nine new dungeons players will notice the introduction of a new 95 level cap, new Prestige abilities and Tradeskills.
A new mechanic will be introduced with the Spirit Stones adornments which will gain experience points together with the wearer and will also improve characters’ overall performance and skills.
If your characters are already on level 90 the expansion will reward you with 280 free advancement points. The game features a lot more of tweakings and improvements: to get a better idea of all that’s new you can head here

The Everquest 2 expansion: Chains Of Eternity was just released yesterday: it’s available in standard and collectors’ edition, featuring bonus in-game items and rewards.


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