EA Gothenburg Now Called Ghost

EA’s studio located in Gothenburg, Sweden is now called Ghost and they have a brand new website. They are rumored to be working on a Need for Speed game and former DICE executive producer Marcus Nilsson is leading Ghost. Here is some information about the team taken from their website:

What we do:

Founded on the core principles of Excellence, Fun and Respect, GHOST is working to create a world-class team of developers, an exceptional working environment and build the next big thing in AAA gaming.

GHOST is a unique proposition in the AAA development space; all the agility and creativity of a ‘start-up’, while working with industry giants like Criterion and DICE guarantee we have the tools and support to execute our creative and technical visions.

Work at Ghost:We may be called GHOST, but the studio is alive and buzzing with passion and enthusiasm. Each member of the team strives to develop their best work alongside a team of highly skilled and passionate developers.

Each day at GHOST brings new ideas for our projects, new challenges to overcome and new discoveries that bring everyone together to achieve excellence. Every member is expected to be diverse in their skillsets and be ready to jump in and help their fellow team mates succeed in their goals and always look for how to make our games the best they can be.

Life at Ghost:All work and no play makes for a sad GHOST, so it’s not uncommon to find team members playing games, talking over coffee, planning the next group event or generally having fun. A balance of work and play is core to the GHOST way of life, and mutual respect is central to ensuring everyone becomes a valuable member of the team.

Our modern, open-plan office allows for easy communication of ideas and for all members of the team to get involved and contribute to all aspects of making GHOST a comfortable and fun place to work.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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