Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden coming on 3DS

Everyone pretty much knew it was coming, with the remake trilogy of Dragon Quest IV, V and VI released on Nintendo DS: today Square-Enix finally confirmed a 3DS remake.

The original Dragon Quest VII was released twelve years ago on Ps1: it’s the seventh installment of the popular Japanese Role Playing Game series Dragon Quest and one of the best selling games in the history of Sony’s first console. The game was also released in North America during 2001 with the title Dragon Warrior 7, the last time a Dragon Quest game used that title in the west for copyright issues.
The game follows the hero and his friends as they explore and investigate the mysterious islands surrounding their homeland Estard.
Dragon Quest VII features the classic gameplay the series has been known for with some tweaking in the formula like the class system allowing extensive character customization and the way the world is explored: no longer a single world, the characters explore single continents which can be accessed by placing stone shards into their appropriate pedastals in Estard Fane, ancient ruins near the town of Estard.

ArtePiazza, after having handled the three DS remakes and the original Dragon Quest VII, will develop the new remake as well: series’ creator Yuji Horii will work on the scenario and game design and Akira Toriyama will work as usual on character design. The game has also been confirmed to have a full orchestral soundtrack.

Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden will be available on February 7 2013, as written on the game’s teaser site. No news on a western release but, given the success of the DS remake trilogy, there’s a high chance the game will be released for English speaking players as well.


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