DmC Devil May Cry demo out next week

Yesterday Capcom announced a playable demo of its action-adventure game DmC Devil May Cry for Japan and today a demo for the western audiences has been confirmed as well.

North America players won’t have to wait much more than their japanese friends since the demo will be available the next day the Japanese demo goes live, on November 20; European gamers will have to wait one more day before being able to control their favorite demon hunter again.

The demo will contain two missions and it won’t be the same as the one available during Tokyo Game Show back in September: in one of the two missions there’s going to be a big boss fight too. The demo will also allow players to try out some of the difficulty modes of the final game; by completing the two missions players will be able to try out the “Son Of Sparda” mode which features different enemies placement and abilities. And that’s not all that is included in the demo since there’s gonna be a variety of weapon upgrades and even a few secrets.

On a related note Capcom has also given some more details of the announced add-on chapter starring Dante’s brother Vergil. The missions included in the DLC will be all new and not a simple character swap like in Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition; the add-on won’t be available on day one but it’s going to be free for all preorders: it won’t be an exclusive preorder bonus since it will be available for everyone at the price of 8.99$ on PSN and for 720 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live MarketPlace.

Hopefully the demo will shed some light on the reboot of the Devil May Cry series, a reboot that was initially met with disappointment after showing the new character design for Dante. DmC will be available on January 13 for Ps3 and Xbox360, with a Pc version to follow.


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