Disney Infinty Will Feature Open World Game Mechanics And Varied Gameplay

If you’re a gamer who grew up in the 8 and 16 bits generation, you’ll surely rememeber how Disney was a true gaming powerhouse: some games like Castle Of Illusion, Goof Troop and many others managed to combine the Disney most iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and others, with great gameplay experiences. Unfortunately things started getting worse and worse, with many Disney games showing stale gameplay concepts and rushed development. With the Epic Mickey things seemed to change, at least slowly, but we’re still far from those glory days, when Disney games where of great quality.

The company wants to get on top again, and want to do it in style, with an ambitious project: an open world game which will feature bulding ala Minecraft, action adventure and the usual open world mechanics.

As Polygon reports, the game is being developed by Avalanche Software taking the good Toy Story 3 game as a starting point: the game will feature a lot of Disney and Pixar’s characters and, most of all, a lot of freedom in shaping up the world. If you played or seen the Toy Story 3 game, you know what to expect.

Disney still hasn’t commented on the news, with a January press event which is supposedly going to officially present the game. From the looks of it, it has the potential to really shake the market and finally bring back Disney characters in the spotlight and for all the right reasons.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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