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For those of you who don’t know who Patrick Scott Patterson is, he’s about to become the face of his very own gaming culture series. He ran a successful Kickstarter sometime back for the cause. With this series, I feel he will become a true face in gaming history, and I look forward to what comes of this series. To properly detail the series, I have taken the following from the Kickstarter, which I proudly backed, some time ago.

Hello… I’m Patrick Scott Patterson, gamer since September 1981. I’m a video gaming personality and historian and you may have seen my work or name mentioned in media such as The Jace Hall Show, Kotaku, ScrewAttack, MSNBC, ESPN, RecordSetter, Guinness World Records and more. 
I’ve produced over 1,000 pieces of content over the past several years in an effort to bring gaming culture to the eyes of mainstream America. These range from written articles to captured video to promotion of gaming stunts and record attempts. Several of the stories I’ve broken have gone mainstream, bringing great attention to some of the people in video gaming culture. 

My long-term goal has been to show the true culture and history of gaming and gaming culture to a mainstream audience. I don’t feel this has ever been done before like it could be or should be. I am at a point where I feel the written form of this can’t go much further in helping with this. 

Therefore I wish to create an episodic series that takes this to a whole new level. To start it would be a YouTube Series, kicking off this fall. Ideally I would like to bring it to television, something that requires putting together a pilot to show those who could potentially pick it up. 

That’s where all of you come in. To do it right will require the right equipment, including broadcast quality camera and editing equipment. I already have the connections and the passion to make it fly but a man cannot build a house without the proper tools. 

HELP ME CAPTURE GAMING CULTURE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE! Live events, gaming contests and historic events will be captured for all time and all the world to see. This video and television series will be for all of you…. all who love gaming history and culture as deeply as I do…. all who want to see it reach a whole new level. 

Help me create this. I thank you all in advance.

Now I normally don’t really go for this kind of thing, but I’d like to say I’m pretty good in being semi-active on my social media efforts. Through these efforts, through Twitter in particular, I ran into the man himself. He is always pushing out new ideas and moving forward. He also interacts with his fans quite a bit. Something I can definitely admire. Facebook is no different. His gaming roots branch further back than mine, and he’s no stranger to both old or newer games. He sees gaming as a whole, and honestly, it’s someone I admire. I see nothing but good things to come of this series.

Call this just personal opinion, but I’m not one to just jump on the “newest trend” at the time. I see potential here, and I feel if I can help spread the world, I would be doing the man a favor. Not just him though, because the series is from a fellow gamer, made for gamers. I’m quite okay with that.

I leave you all with his personal teaser trailer for the series. Check it out and feel free to subscribe to his YouTube to keep up with it. November 1st will be a day to remember, as it is the date the series launches.

You can also give him a follow on Twitter @OriginalPSP or visit his website as well.



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