Crytek Wants More Ram For Next Gen Consoles

As time goes by, so do the talk around next gen consoles increases, even though, according to some rumors, the new Sony and Microsoft consoles may be coming in 2014 due to some production issues regarding some key components. With specifics still up in the air, developers wish that the next consoles will have enough horsepower to make next gen games really something else when compared to this generation’s products.

Crytek is probably among the most demanding developing team: their opinion was also important during the development of the current generation, making Sony and Microsoft adjust some of their console’s specs to suit developers’ needs. Crytek Chief Executive Cevat Yerli recently spoke up about this, stating that next gen consoles will require a lot of RAM to ensure the best performances possible.

Mister Yerli states that the whole RAM issue is fundamental because most times a low RAM capacity leads to decreased performances: up till now all consoles have been unbalanced, in this regard. And there’s a reason for this: RAM can’t be increased too much to keep costs at bay.

8 GB RAM and more would be perfect for next gen consoles: if Sony and Microsoft manages to find way to decrease costs, they may also be able to equip their console with over 32 GB of RAM.

With current PC games not requiring more than 4 GB, this may seem a bit too much. However who knows what developers have in mind for the next gen.


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