Borderlands new classes DLC incoming

It seems Gearbox Software is not yet done with Borderlands 2 extra downloadable content: Randy Pitchford, Gearbox boss, has confirmed that new class DLCs may be coming soon.

Borderlands 2 is the the second entry of the Borderlands series: a space western first person role playing shooter game focusing on cooperative online playing, randomly generated loot and character building in true rpg fashion.
The game’s flow is typical of the RPG genre: players will go on quests given by non playable characters or found on bounty boards for money or reward items. By gathering experience points players will be able to allocate skill points into a skill three featuring 3 different branches, allowing ample customization.
Randomly generated stats for weapons are back from the first game, with even more possible variations; the weapons customization system has been vastly improved as well.
Other improvements on the formula include reworked vehicles physics elements, improved enemy AI and the way the world is presented: no longer separate levels but one single seamless world, giving players an accurate view on the whole world of Borderlands 2.

The addition of new classes isn’t exactly news: the Mechromancer DLC was released after the game launched and Gearbox stated that, if the DLC performed well, they could add more classes into the game: Pitchford’s confirmation on Twitter that more classes may be coming probably means that the Mechromancer experiment was a definite success.

Borderlands 2 launched on Ps3, Xbox360, Pc back in September; a Mac OS X version will launch next week, on November 20.



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