Borderlands 2 Sir Hammerlock DLC Detailed, More DLC May Be Coming In 2013

Fans of Bordelands have a lot to make them happy lately, thanks to the news of a new DLC coming very soon. This isn’t the only thing that will make them happy though, as Gearbox has outlined their Bordelands 2 plans for next year, stating that more DLC could be coming in the future.

The new Borderlands 2 DLC, called Sir Hammerlock Big Game Hunt, will see players team up with Hammerlock, the first characters you meet during Borderlands 2 main game, for a hunt: little do they know that they soon will have to face a new, unknown enemy, out to restore the legacy of Handsome Jack. The DLC will be released on January 15 for all platforms for the price of 10$/800 Microsoft Points. All who bought the Bordelands 2 Season Pass will be able to download the expansion pack without any extra charge. You can check the official trailer below

During the press tour to promote the new expansion, Gearbox has also talked about their possible plans for Bordelands 2 extra content for 2013: the developers desire to keep supporting and expanding the game as long as it is successful. For now, the developer has promised to increase the level cap in the first quater of 2013 and they’re looking into ways to make gamers replay the whole game again. As of now it is unknown if it means through another expansion or another set of DLC. What’s sure is that we’re still going to have some new Bordelands 2 content even in the new year.


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