Blizzard: Lawsuit “without merit”

Blizzard has been involved in a class action lawsuit recently, focused on their online authenticators. As PCGamer reported, the lawsuit focuses on the potential of hidden costs within the authentication security check available for  a small fee. Blizzard has come across very clearly as more or less dismissing the claim, saying that it is “filled with patently false information.”

The suit also claims that the Authenticator is required in order to maintain a minimal level of security on the player’s account information that’s stored on Blizzard’s network systems. This claim is also completely untrue and apparently based on a misunderstanding of the Authenticator’s purpose. The Authenticator is an optional tool that players can use to further protect their accounts in the event that their login credentials are compromised outside of Blizzard’s network infrastructure.”

Its a big murky legal mess, but going up against a big corporate entity like Blizzard. particularly when its over something so “gray”. What was Blizzards true intent with the online authenticator? Does the case have a chance? What will this mean for the future of online gaming security?

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