Bioware gives Mass Effect Trilogy for free to Black Ops 2 customers

As we already reported yesterday, a few buyers of the Pc version of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 found a little unwanted surprise in their copy of the game: the second disk was actually Mass Effect 2! Even though the game was included, without a serial number, the Mass Effect 2 disc is pretty much useless: with a surprise move, Bioware promises to give these players something to compensate for the mistake.

In a rather funny post on their official blog, Bioware states that the inclusion of the disc wasn’t a mistake, but an omen: the universe wanted these players to play Mass Effect and the developers are not going to get in their way and they’re actually going to help!
The first 50 players who send proof that the second disc of their Black Ops 2 copy is Mass Effect 2 will receive the full Mass Effect Trilogy, a special boxed set containing the three games of the series released on Pc and Xbox 360 last week. The Pc version also contains special exclusive downloadable content like the Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station DLC pack, the Cerberus Network and a Mass Effect 3 online pass to gain full access to the game online modes.

This definitely is a smart move by Bioware in making up for a mistake they didn’t do and more companies should follow their example: this packaging mistakes are not so rare after all.


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