BioWare Announces Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC and Mass Effect 4

Yesterday the gaming world was both excited and surprised when BioWare announced Mass Effect 4. It was during a blog post done by a BioWare Edmonton and Montreal Manager announcing the retirement of BioWare co-founders  Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk that this took place, as well as announcing the Omega DLC. As interesting as it may seem, it’s not a surprise to many that BioWare would do another Mass Effect game. The franchise is extremely popular, even though Mass Effect 3 got alot of crap for it’s ending.

Omega DLC

This isn’t a surprising announcement from BioWare. Ever since Mass Effect 3 was released back in March, everyone assumed there would be DLC bringing players back to Omega. For those not completely familiar with the story involving Omega, in Mass Effect 3 Commander Shepard meets up with Aria T’Loak, the leader of Omega, on The Citadel. Aria informs Shepard that she was tricked into leaving Omega by Cerberus and that Cerberus had taken control of Omega and forced her to flee to The Citadel. Aria says she will get her revenge and that’s about it.

That’s why it isn’t totally surprising that an Omega DLC is announced. You basically understood that this would be explained further in a future DLC. Not much is known about the DLC, nor is a release date given. According to the post on BioWare’s Social Blog, the Omega DLC is due out in the “Fall.” They also mention more multiplayer and single player DLC coming out in the next 6 months, so we’ll have to wait and see what other announcements may come.

Mass Effect 4

Literally nothing was mentioned about the game, except announcing that it’s being made. This isn’t a surprise at all and there’s so many different directions the Mass Effect universe could be took in a follow up game(s) that we won’t spend too much time thinking about the possibilities. BioWare has an opportunity here to gain back players after the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy. While some people refused to play any game BioWare made after that, if the game looks awesome and is alot like the rest of the original trilogy they will come back and play the series again. We will learn more about both the Omega DLC and Mass Effect 4 in the coming weeks

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