Apple unveils Ipad 4 and Ipad Mini

During yesterday’s keynote in San Jose, Apple unwrapped its new Ipad 4 and Ipad mini to enthusiasts worldwide.

The fourth generation Ipad, announced only 6 months after the third generation one, comes with a slew of improvements while keeping its current exterior design.
The most prominent improvement is in processing power with the new “A6X” processor: the Ipad 3 featured an enhanced Ipad 2 processor called the “A5X2” which didn’t really offer much more power than its predecessor other than supporting the increased resolution.
This time things get real as the “A6X” has twice the power of its predecessor while keeping the same 10 hours battery life.
The front camera was updated too with a new HD camera not so different from the Iphone’s 5 one.
A new Lighting connector has been added but it will break compatibility with previous accessories. A Lightining to 30 pin connector cable will be required to restore compatibility with older accessories.


The real news of the keynote was the unveiling of Apple’s new Ipad Mini: it has all the features of its “big brother” but, as the name suggests, in a smaller package.

It’s a 7,9 inches tablet with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768, an iSight 5 megapixels camera, A5 dual core processor and Lightining connector. Reports also state that the device sports high quality hardware, as expected by Apple, and a really light weight.

The Ipad mini it’s Apple’s attempt to enter a market dominated by Amazon’s Kindle and Google Nexus 7 tablets. But it could be rough as pricing is way beyond the competition.

Wifi Models

  • 329$ for the 16 GB model.
  • 429$ for the 32 GB model.
  • 659$ for the 64 GB model.

Mobile Broadband models

  • 459$ for the 16GB model
  • 559$ for the 32GB model
  • 659$ for the 64GB model

Apple’s executives wanted to keep their premium pricing policies for their new product as they think consumers are happy to pay the price for a well made product and for the wide selection of applications and games available on the Apple Store. Analysts have noted that, at this price points, it’s really gonna be hard for Apple to get some good sales this holyday season; at the same time, if things go well, Amazon and Google may have to improve their products if the Ipad mini manages to become a new standard for mini tablets.


Both the Ipad 4 and the Ipad Mini will be available worldwide next month.

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