Angry Birds Trilogy Gets New DLC Pack

I’m sure I probably don’t need to tell you what Angry Birds is: the game developed by Rovio is one of the most famous mobile games which is currently available on almost any platform: Pc, Ps3, Xbox 360, PsVita, 3DS, Facebook, iOS, Android and probably some more which I ignore. Its simple premise is actually the true reason for its success: players have to throw birds into structures, making them crumble over the bad piggies to defeat them.

After receiving a lot of extra levels for free, themed expansion for Christmas and Easter  and even a Star Wars themed expansion, now it’s time for the Ps3 and Xbox versions of the game to get some new levels.

Angry Birds Trilogy was released by Activision on September 2012, containing the first three games of the series on Ps3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS: the Ps3 and Xbox 360 are also compatible with the motion controls, other than the standard joypads controls.

Angry Birds: Trilogy is now getting its first DLC Pack: dubbed the ” Anger Management Pack”, the DLC contains over 130 new levels , featuring the same old and tried gameplay with new structures to take down, more piggies to defeat in new locations and environments. The DLC is available right now and, unfortunately, for the first time in Angry Birds history, you’ll have to pay for it: no deeveloper’s fault of course, since they must follow the consoles’ usual policies.

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