007 Legends – Skyfall DLC available on Ps3

Secret agents, get ready to get back into the shoes of Britain’s most famous spy with the new DLC for 007 Legends.

007 Legends is a first person shooter starring the legendary James Bond: developed by Eurocom, the game launched last month on Ps3, Xbox 360 and Pc to celebrate 50 years of James Bond in film. The single player campaign includes one mission for each of the six actors that played Bond era, starting from Goldfinger up until Die Another Day.
Gameplay wise the formula has been refined from the previous James Bond shooter GoldenEye 007: Reloaded: there’s a greater focus on stealth, with enemy AI being more suspicious and investigative and specific sessions where players must be stealthy to proceed. To aid Bond in his mission there are 3 gadgets: the smartphone with vision modes; a dart pen with four different types of darts and a laser-firing wristwatch. Players will also be able to improve their skills and their gadgets thanks to the inclusion of an experience points system. An online multiplayer mode is also available.

As the developers promised before release, new downloadable content has been made available today for Ps3 users: the DLC pack includes a mission based on Skyfall, the newest James Bond movie, in theaters now.
Xbox 360 and Pc users will have to wait until November 20 to download the new mission.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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