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With over 500,00 apps on the app store, no one can really get the time to look at all the glorius apps on there. Some of the apps are just useless like “Black Ops Guide”, or some of those ad-filled apps. I took the time to take a quick browse and buy some apps that I think are pretty good to have when you’re waiting in line somewhere, or just don’t have anything to do. The following apps will help you pass time, when you have all the time in the world. I chose not to include Angry Birds on this list, because Angry Birds Rio, Seasons, and all that are really just the same thing with a few new levels.

Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja is a very intriguing game, and can keep you busy for hours on end. Once I started playing it, I was amused by the multiplayer capabilities, swords and backgrounds you can unlock, and the different modes to play in. When I first got my iPod back in 2011, I was very amused by all the apps there were, and my friends told me to check out “Fruit Ninja”. At first when I heard the name, I thought they were ripping people off with the 99 cents they were getting on each sale. When I started playing though, I knew this app was pretty good. It’s great, and you should give it a try.

Temple Run

This is another game that my friends told me to check out. Everyone was buzzing about this new Temple Run game. I was thinking in the back of my head, “A Free game that’s actually Fun to play… Impossible.” As usual, I checked the game out anyway, and it is one of those games that keeps you coming back. The best part was, there’s no catch! You don’t have to get to one part, and start paying to play, none of that. The game is completely innocent, and actually allows you to play for free. It features a coin system, where you can run to earn coins, and use them to get different upgrades. It keeps you coming, which is a trait all games should have.

Plants vs. Zombies

Even though I have only played this game about three times in my whole life, if I played it again, it would have me hooked for an hour or two. The game is just like what is sounds like, you control a flock of plants, and use them to fight off zombies. It’s a pretty silly premise, but it is very fun, and will keep everyone playing.

Game Dev Story


This is probably a game that none of you have heard of, but trust me, it is fun. The only problem with the game is that after you’ve played it once, it gets boring super quick! The day I got this, I was on a way to a hiking trip with my friends, and I was looking for something to play in the car, so I popped out this game, and it turned out to be super addictive. You get to found your own video game developing house, and make games of your own. After we got our of the car, I still had my eyes glued to the screen, so as we were walking, I had to look where I was walking and at where my game company was heading. After that, though, it got boring, and I haven’t played it since. But I think the first time I picked it up, I played for about 6 hours straight, which is definitely a good thing.

And there it is, my top 4 best iOS apps. These apps will  (as I mentioned before) help pass time when you’ve got all the time.



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