Skylanders Lost Islands out now on iOS

Skylanders Lost Islands is now available on the iTunes app store for free. The game is a resource management title as the description states:

“Embark on an amazing adventure to the Lost Islands and help rebuild the once proud lands of the Mabu in this all-new Skylander experience that you can play for FREE on your iPad!  Skylanders Lost Islands fully supports Skylanders action figures in the game! Unlock your favorite characters in the game once and add them to your collection, then use them to explore the world on amazing adventures!

o Build and evolve your own magical island and customize a village of your own design
o Unlock over 35 unique Skylanders and rank them up to help you in your goals
o Help characters in your village and earn rewards along the way as you send Skylanders on amazing adventures and feats!
o Explore many islands full of surprise and mystery
o Level up through the game to unlock new items and customize your lands
o Supports your physical Skylanders toy collection— import them into the game to bring them to life in the Lost Islands
o Amazing art and HD graphics optimized for the Retina display
o More features added all the time!

Get ready for an amazing adventure in Skylands! Hurry! The Skylands and Mabu need your help!”

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