Best iPhone Games for Kids in 2012

So your at dinner with the wife and kids, on a long drive across state to visit Grandma .. whatever the case may be.  Little Johnny starts getting whiny what are you going to do?  simplest answer if you don’t already have a PSP or Nintendo DS is to hand him your iphone and let him play some games to pass the time.  This has been an absolute game changer for many occasions that could have gone bad.  Fortunately in today’s world kids even starting at 3 years old have a natural aptitude for electronics, computers and games.  Simply handing them the phone and within minutes they are figuring out how it works (often times faster then when you first got the device).

From experience and gaining valuable input from other parents in the same situation we have put together a list of best iphone games for kids (probably available in Android to).  Some games are educational and some of the games are for pure enjoyment but most of all they keep the little ones occupied.  A great example is we have in the list of “fun and addictive games” The Lorax, this game can actually fall into two categories of both fun and educational as the child not only needs to use shapes that have different functions but they also need to coordinate and execute specific strategy in order to pass the level.

Here is the list of games broken down into category:

Educational iphone games for kids:

Montessori Math – Great little match games put out by the Montessorium.  This game is not only educational but also addicting with various goals and levels.

Super Why – Based on the popular kids TV show on PBS, Super Why is a spelling and reading based game.  With all the popular and recognizable characters as on the TV this game is a perfect educational tool to keep kids occupied while learning.

Piano* (by apps for hunger) – This cool little app lets your little ones play the piano with a small virtual keyboard.  Its not quite a real piano but it gives them a chance to play and create music.  This app includes kids songs and levels of difficulty that can be adjusted.

Awesome Eats (Whole Kids) – Not really sure how educational this game was.. but all your characters are fruits and vegetables and after they played this game they ate all their veggies for lunch.. so I take that as a win.


Fun iphone Kids Games:

Mega Run – A fun game where you control a little monster to run and jump through obstacles collecting coins, jewels and special power up’s to get through a level.

Cover Orange – Here is the thing with these strategy and puzzle games, you need to show your kid once how they work and by the time an hour flies by they are better at the game then you are.  Cover orange is one of those games I classify as a hybrid fun and educational game (as with a lot of the games I let the kids play).  In this game you basically are tasked with using shapes and object to help the oranges not get hit by a rain cloud.  You need to place the objects in specific order, places etc.. to be successful.  This is both fun for Parent and Child.

Water? Free – This is a game where you make a path to an alligator to give him water for a shower he wants to take.  Again to my this is somewhat an educational game as it requires some thinking in the later levels on how to get the water to the alligator.

Fruit Ninja – Well I wish I could call this an educational game.. Ninja training maybe?  The object of this game is to use your finger to chop fruit before it goes off the screen and not accidentally swipe a bomb.  Fun game first levels are pretty easy but future levels are really hard,  kids probably are ok playing the easy levels over and over.

The Lorax – Another really done puzzle game where the object of the game is to place a marshmallow on the ground without it rolling off the screen.  You get a certain number of objects and ability to “break” items to move the marshmallow around the screen.  Highly addictive thinking game.. this is one of those ones where the kids get better then the adults at playing.

Angry Birds – Ok Angry birds.. pretty much “ANY” version of Angry Birds is a go here, Original, Space, Rio, friends.  The object of this game is to shoot birds out of a sling shot to demolish the structures where the pigs are standing.  I wish I could say this was purely educational since the kids play it so much of it.. but im pretty sure there is a lot of random bird shooting.

Cut the rope – This one is a little more of a thinking game where you need to cut a rope and feed a little green monster candy.  There is strategy to this game as multiple rope need to be cut, moving candy etc.. I classify this as a puzzle game as well.


Well that’s it for now, most of this article was based off of what I have on my current iphone.  If anyone has any comments or would like to share with us what kinds of games their kids are playing on the iphone please feel free to leave us a comment below!

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