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Update #1-iPod Nano is being reinvented with a larger display, multi-touch, random circle icons for some odd reason, and DVR functionality. The iPod touch is also being upgraded with a 4 inch display as well, A5 dual-core processor, 6.1 mm thick, very light at 88 grams, new cameras, Panorama mode, Siri, 40 hours of music, 8 hours of video, and a new button on the back called the iPod touch loop. The iPod touch is what I use for most of my mobile gaming purposes so this is exciting for me and it will be available in 5 different colors, silver, blue, slate (greyish-black), yellow, and pink. iPod Shuffle is getting new colors as well. Yay for choices!

Original Story:

San Francisco, CA, USA-Apple CEO, Tim Cook, started out the iPhone event at approximately 10:00 a.m. PST with the words, “It’s an amazing time at Apple.” After a brief few minutes about the successes of Apple stores around the world, he began to detail what’s happening with the Macs. He stated that over 7 million Mountain Lion upgrades have already been sold since its release in July. Apple has also sold a total of 84 million iPads, making up 68% of all tablets in the whole world. There are now 700 thousand apps in the App Store with a combined total of 400 million iOS devices having been sold up through June 2012.

Fancy statistics aside, Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, then took the stage to unveil what everyone has been greatly anticipating. The iPhone’s sixth generation is indeed named the iPhone 5, which means I just won 10 bucks from my buddy who thought it was going to be called the iPhone 6. (take that Jordan!) Now onto the specs of this new iPhone. Externally, it is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S at 7.6mm and 20% lighter at just 112 grams. It is also featuring a longer, taller screen at 4 inches with 1136 x 640 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. Being taller than previous iPhones, Apple has now added a fifth row of icons and apps. HD FaceTime, 8 MP camera, a new Panorama (panoramic photos), and 40% faster picture-taking round out your new camera additions.

But you’re here most likely wondering about the gaming capabilities, so here’s what’s going on inside this fancy piece of aluminum. Internally, the iPhone 5 packs an A6 processor as opposed to the A5 processor in the iPhone 4S. This means to you gamers, 2x faster processing and 2x faster graphics. The battery time is estimated at 8 hours of browsing, no word on what that means in terms of gaming but it’s safe to say significantly less than that. Regardless, you will be getting faster, more powerful, and visually improved games, which is good news for all of you mobile gamers out there including myself. The prices for this baby are the 16GB at $199, 32GB at $299, and 64GB at $399, all contract pricing of course. Preorder for either the white or black version start this Friday and it will be shipped to you on September 21st. If you’re the person that was waiting for the new iPhone to come out so you could get the older iPhones for cheaper, than this is for you. With a new contract, you can now get the iPhone 4 for free and the iPhone 4S for $99, both are the 8GB versions. The new iOS update to iOS 6 is coming a couple of days earlier on September 19th. Alongside the iOS update will be a a nice update for iTunes, making the service much cleaner and more appealing cosmetically-wise.

Stay tuned here at Gamer Syndrome as always for more updates, details, pictures, and more as soon as they’re available!

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