Borderlands Legends coming to iOS on October 31st

Borderlands, 2K and Gearbox’s popular series will be making its portable debut next Wednesday on the iOS. Borderlands Legends will be an isometric action RPG that aims to “create addictive, isometric gameplay that lets players level up their characters while fending off relentless waves of Skags, Bandits and other baddies.”

According to Entertainment Weekly “behind the big guns of Brick, Lilith, Mordecai, and Roland, fans of the franchise will be treated to a fresh take on the series’ signature shoot-and-loot formula.” Inventory and skill tree systems will be available, just like its console counterparts, but Legends will also offer “a layer of strategy that is popular on mobile devices.” Enemy difficulty will scale based on the player’s level, who can take cover while facing signature enemies such as Skags, Bandits, Crimson Lance, Spider Ants all the way over to boss creatures like Hellhounds. We also have a few screenshots available, based on which I can say that the series’ signature artstyle seems to be in tact.

Borderlands Legends is releasing on October 31 for iPhone and iPad. The iPhone version will set you back $4.99 while the iPad version will be $6.99.

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