Angry Birds: Star Wars Launch Trailer

The new title from Angry Bird’s developer Rovio Entertainment  is not so far, far away, and we finally have a look at some of the game play of this new take on the classic iOS title! IN a new game play trailer released today, we can finally see some of the Star Wars themed changes to the game.






From what we can see, aside from the rather hilarious changes to the bird and pig skins,  we can see that some of the bird have more appropriate actions. The Luke bird can use a light saber to slash through blocks, and the Leia Bird seems to be able to activate a tractor beam, pulling supports towards her a toppling a pig-faced AT-AT. No word yet on whether or not the Han Bird will get to go before anything happens, or if the Yoda Bird will simply bounce about the screen like a mad person. Regardless, this is sure to make both fans of Angry Birds and fans of Star Wars more than pleased.

Angry Birds: Star Wars will be available for download November 8th.

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