Airtight Games announces PIXLD for iOS

Airtight Games, the studio responsible for Dark Void and Quantum Conundrum is moving into iOS development with PIXLD, a “deeply engaging, deceptively simple puzzler.” It’s actually just a color matching puzzle game where you flip groups of blocks, but they sure made it sound cool. The goal of the game is to create clusters of blocks that then evaporate. They also released a short trailer and I gotta say, visually the game looks pretty great and the soundtrack is not too shabby either. According to screenshots on the official website, some of the game modes will include “60 SEC, LEVLD, MUST MATCH, 50 TAPS, TAP 4 EVA.”

Airtight Games’ previous release, Quantum Conundrum received generally favorable reviews and currently holds a 77 on metacritic. PIXLD has no release date announced yet, the website just says “coming soon for iPad and iPhone.” If you wanna learn more you can just jump over right now, or you can just stay and watch the trailer below, either way would be fine with me.


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