Zombie U Gameplay Basics Guide

The latest Ubisoft Survival Horror game really stresses the survival concept: Zombi U, despite some flaws which you can read on our review of the game, really manages to create an oppressive atmosphere, putting you in the shoes a common person, trying to save himself from a zombie apocalypse happening in London. To improve your survival chances we’ll guide you through the game: today we’ll cover some basics of the game, helping you in grasping the game mechanics to the best.

  • To live is to die

If you played Demon/Dark Souls, you know that death in Zombi U in not the end, but just a new beginning: if your character is killed, you’ll respwan at the nearest Safehouse. Keep in mind that you’ll loose all items and to recover them you’ll have to kill off your previous character, now just another zombie. Be careful that if you fail in retrieving the items, they’ll be lost forever. There are some aspects in this mechanics which are fairly unknown but that they may help you: if you’re connected to Miiverse, your zombie character will appear in other people’s games and the same will apply for you: if you kill any of these zombies, you’ll get their items too! It’s pretty easy to spot these special zombies if you’ve been doing your fair share of zombie killings: even if you die, the zombies you killed will stay dead so it can be easy to spot a new zombie spawning during play.

  • Bag management

Even though it may seem obvious, don’t underestimate the items’ placement inside your bag: while searching for items in the bag, you’ll be greatly exposed so if you waste time looking for items, you are taking some risks. This holds even more true if you think about using items during a bad situation. Keep the items you use the most in an easy to reach position so that you’ll take minimal time with the bag and improve your chances of survival. What I did was putting certain types of items always in the same place: after some time I could have taken them out without even looking at the Gamepad

  • Weapons

Seeing how ammo is scarce, use firearms only when you truly don’t have any other options. Weapons may be upgraded, with parts that don’t take inventory space, improving their stats but they’ll be no good if you’re out of ammo. The strategy here is quite simple: when facing groups of enemies, use firearms and well placed explosives to clear zombies away; against single zombies, you can use the true life saver weapon of the game, the cricket bat. If you aim well and go for the head, a charged attack can kill a zombie in a single hit; misplaced attacks can take around 10 hits, leaving you way too exposed. Another strategy, which is probably the best, is to simply avoid as many zombies as you can: even the slightest mistake can turn the whole situation complicated. After all, you’re not supposed to clear the city from zombies, you’re supposed to survive and running is most of the times, the best option: finding higher ground will help you gain some distance and even try to use the bat to hit zombies as they try to reach you.

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