Zombi U Weapons Guide: Sub Machine Guns and Assault Rifles

Having many weapons to choose from is always a good thing, especially if you’re trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in London. We’re going to cover two more weapons categories in Zombi U, Sub Machine Guns and Assault Rifles

Sub Machine Guns

If you’re surrounded by zombies and other enemies and they’re all already aware of your presence, sub machine guns are the perfect weapons to dispose of them: the high fire rate will destroy anything in your path with little trouble.

  • MP5 DS

This submachine gun has a medium fire power, requiring around 9 bullets to kill an enemy, but it comes with a silencer, making it more useful if you want to keep a low profile. It can shoot 30 round before reloading: the reload time is not too long but it’s always better to do it when far from danger.

  • UMP 45

The UMP 45 Sub Machine Gun has a higher attack power than the MP5 DS: it takes around 7 shots to kill an enemies. Its shots also pierce the enemies, making it perfect to deal with hordes without wasting too many bullets. Since it doesn’t have a silencer, it’s better to use this weapon when enemies are already aware of your presence.

Assault Rifles

If you’re looking for sheer attack power, look no further: assault rifles are your things. They sport one of the highest attack power in the game coupled with very low reloading time. If you’re tired of running away and have some ammo on hand, take out the big guns and fire away!

  • Ak-47

A classic among assault rifles, the Ak-47 can fire 30 rounds before requiring a reload, which is very short. The Ak-47 shots have a chance of piercing the enemies even though it doesn’t happen too often. Well aimed shots can take down around 4 enemies before reloading.

  • SA80A2

The SA80A2 is even better than the Ak-47: this assault rifles has got the highest attack power of the game and its shots even pierce the enemies! It can fire 30 bullets before requiring a reload: the reload time is as fast as with the Ak 47. With the SA80A2 in hand and a good amount of bullets, nothing will be able to stop you. Just like the Ak-47, this weapon’s loud so it’s not suited for stealth play at all.

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