Zombi U Weapons Guide: Handguns

Avoid zombies and running may be the safest strategy around btu there are times when a man has to show his guns and, most of all, use them to make to some zombie heads explore. After having covered both basic and advanced survival strategies, it’s time look at the weapons available in Zombie U.

The handguns are the most basic ranged weapons you’ll have in Zombi U. It’s also the type of weapons you’ll always have in your possession, since the starting gun cannot be removed from the inventory, taking a slot in your item bag permanently. Consider this fact before deciding to take another weapon in the same class. As a general rule, handguns have a solid attack range but really low damage: in most cases you won’t be able to headshot enemies in a single shot. With ammo being so scarce, resorting to handgun use must be considered only if there are no other options available.

  • L9A1 Browning

The L9A1 Browning is your starting handgun, taking a slot in the bag without being removable: this more more of a problem than an advantage, since this gun is not to useful during the later parts of the game. In the beginning you probably wouldn’t have wanted to remove it since it’ll be the only ranged weapon in your possession. The basic version of the gun is probably the weakest weapon in the game: low damage won’t allow you to headshot zombies with a single bullet and the fire noise will also alert all nearby enemies.

  • P226

The P226 can be considered as the silenced version of the previous gun: you’ll be able to find it in the restroom in the Palace lower level, during Mission 6. This gun carries 15 total shots per round, 19 total once you upgrade. While silent shots give you a good advantage while facing single zombies, you’ll probably end up wasting even more bullets than with the L9A1 Browning since the P226 inflicts really low damage: in this situation the cricket bat is way more useful. At the same time, this gun has some use when you want to reduce the number of zombies in a horde that hasn’t noticed you yet.

  • Desert Eagle Magnum

Now we’re talking about a serious handgun: the Desert Eagle Magnum, just like in so many other games, is the most powerful handgun available: its rounds also pierce the enemies, making it possible to kill multiple zombies with a well placed shot. However so much power comes with a price: the Desert Eagle is really loud and all zombies will know where you are once you fire a shot. The best use for the Desert Eagle is when you’re facing a horde which already is aware of your position: the piercing rounds will also make your fight easier so in this case, just fire away if you have the ammo!

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