Zombi U Weapons Guide: Crossbow, Virucide Syringe, Molotv Cocktail

How’s the surviving going? Are you making countless zombie casualties on your own quest for a prolonged life? If you’re still having problems, we’re give you more advices on available weapons: we’ll be covering the Hunting Crossbows, Virucide Syringe, Molotov Cocktail and the almighty Cricket Bat today.

  • Hunting Crossbows

Hunting Crossbows, just like other weapons, have a sniping ability which allows you to aim with the Gamepad: some precise shooting will allow you to take a zombie with a couple of shots. Crossbows can only hold a single bolt at a time so using them when a horde is approaching you won’t make you survive for much longer. One good thing about using the Crossbows is that they’re silent and you can retrieve the bolts you have shot once the zombie has been killed: this feature makes them particularly useful in a game where ammo is very scarce.

  • Virucide Syringe

The Virucyde Syringe is obtained in the Palace’s Underground and it can be used to escape the zombies’ embrace of death. No need to equip it: the quick time event will pop up whenever you can use this weapon.
If you use it once, you’ll have to refill it by using it on a zombie carrying the antibodies: use the scanner fo find out which zombie has them. Once you do, another quick time even will pop up, allowing you to refill the syringe. Needless to say that the Virucide won’t work on zombies carrying the antibodies so don’t rely too much on it to save you.

  • Molotov Cocktail

The Molotov Cocktail is a projectile weapon: it explodes when it touches the ground and everyone will be damages, so be careful when using it. It’s the perfect weapon to deal with hordes: use a flare or any other mean to lure zombies in a single location, launch the cocktail and watch those rotting creatures burn! It will deal high damage and probably no zombie will be able to survive the flames.

  • Cricket Bat

Who would have thought that a cricket bat would be your most effective defense against zombies? It can’t be upgraded in any way but it’s available from the start, it doesn’t need ammo obviously and it’s perfect to deal with single zombies: a few well aimed hit will be enough to dispose of zombies. While handling hordes, the cricket bat won’t be as useful.

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