Zombi U Weapon Upgrades Guide: Firing Speed And Spread

Some standard weapons can help you surving the zombie apocalypse in Zombi: U but sometimes they may not be enough: this is where the Weapons Upgrades come in. These upgrades will improve weapon stats like Firing Speed, Spread, Capacity and Firepower, helping you further in disposing zombies and other hellish creatures.

  • Firing Speed

The Firing Speed upgrades improve the weapon’s fire rates: they’re mostly effective with sub machine guns which already sport a quite high fire rate, allowing you to take down zombies in even less time than before. Here are all the 12 upgrades’ locations

  1. Storage room near the exit of Brick Lane Markets
  2. Behind the locked door in the lower sections of Brick Lane
  3. Near the entrance of the drainage gate in Victoria Memorial
  4. Near the ambulances in Victorial Memorial
  5. Inside a container past the sewers near Victorial Memorial
  6. In the Omega barracks in the Palace Underground, behind the piles of trash
  7. In the Palace’s Kitchen, behind an unreachable room: use c4 to open the door.
  8. This upgrade can be found after defeating a powerful zombie at the Old Brick Warehouse, near the wall damaged by C4
  9. On the London Tower, behind another powerful special zombie
  10. In Spitafields Green, on the balcony in the upper area
  11. Behind some bushes near the huts in the Baconfields area, right below a pillar
  12. In St. George’s Church, near the junction box.
  • Spread

The spread upgrades improves the bullets’ spread area, improving the piercing ability as well: shotguns and assault rifles benefit the most from these upgrades. There are 13 total spread upgrades in the game

  1. In the possession of a powerful zombie located near the safe house cloe to the entrance of Victoria Memorial
  2. In the area between Brick Lane Markets’ tube station and St. George’s Church
  3. On a shelf in the supermarket
  4. In the sewer at Victoria Memorial Green Park, guarded by a special zombie.
  5. Inside the Vault in the Palace Underground
  6. In the Palace’s Kitchen
  7. Behind a locked door inside a storage room in the Old Brick Warehouses area
  8. Near Dee’s letter at the Pier, Tower area.
  9. On an armor inside the Bloody Tower
  10. In Quarter Park, in a storage room behind the wall damaged by C4.
  11. Close to the manhole in Darwin Yard
  12. A powerful zombie has this upgrade in his possession, located in the wasteland in Darwin Yard
  13. A powerful zombie in the catacombs down St. George’s Church has it in his possession.

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