Zombi U Survival Strategies Guide

Being truly a survival horror game, you need to have a sound strategy to succeed in Zombi U. Some of the strategies detailed below may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget about them in an hectic situation and go trigger happy… resulting in an untimely death.

  • Ammo

Like we said in the Basics Guide, ammo is scarce. This is not your usual first person shooter where shooting is the only thing that matters, no matter where you hit. Save your ammo for the worst situations, take the cricket bat out for taking care of the odd zombie here and there but save, save, save all you can find.

  • Noise

Like I said, this isn’t your usual first person shooter game, where you can fire a rocket and nearby enemies will still be oblivious to your presence. Zombies are not so smart and may be rotting, but let me assure you that their hearing works quite well: the smallest of noises can make them aware of your presence. There was a time when I just got frustrated and started shooting non silenced weapons at Zombies, just for the fun and not only it took too much ammo and time to take down a single zombie, but I also was surrounded by an horde of zombies with little chance of surviving. Shooting in not the only thing that actually makes noises: if you bump into objects zombies will be able to hear you as well. So be silent and even out of view: these zombies are smarter than you look and if you stand under a streetlight or some other lights, they’ll spot you for sure.

  • Shooting Heads

Everyone knows that zombies’s heads are their weak points and you’d better remember this as you play Zombi U: going for the head is the fastest way to dispose of this rotting fools. However, use a non silenced firearm will attract other zombies, and wasting precious bullets is always a no go here. Aiming for the head works wonders even with the cricket bat: no noise, high attack power and you can swing it as much as you like. With a good charged swing aimed at the head, you can dispose of a zombie in a single swing. The best thing to make this strategy effective is to know how the zombies will behave after taking a hit: some will move forward towards you after being hit, so be careful and avoid damage. Another excellent strategy is forcing them to fall on the ground and finish them easily: it’s definitely easier dealing a head shot or swing when they’re not moving much. You can also lure zombies in places where they’ll have to crawl to follow you.


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