Zombi U Environmental Survival Strategies

If you’re finally starting to get the hang of Zombi U mechanics, there are more simple tips and strategies for you. Despite all the tips we may give you, it’s a game that heavily relies on learning from your mistakes so die away and learn from it to become a master at surviving!

  • Always keep your attention up

Like we said in the previous Zombi U guides, even if you end up dying, you won’t have to deal again with zombies you have already taken out. This could mean that you can move quickly in areas already cleared: actually this is a mistake myself have paid with my virtual life. Once I was lazy and, after clearing out most of the zombies in an area, I ended up dying at the hand of a single zombie I didn’t hear coming. Always check your surroundings even if you’re feeling safe: zombies may come from other areas too. If the radar is not helping you, you can always scan the area to find all the zombies in the area: being able to get through the mist and smoke, you’ll even have a better view of your surroundings. Last but not least, always make sure that a zombie is dead: when in doubt, chop their head off

  • The environment is your best friend

We already talked about slowing zombies by using the environment, now we’ll be going into the environment analysis a bit deeper. The first thing to remember is that high obstacles are the best way to prevent a zombie bite and have enough time to hit them with the cricket bat or even shoot them in the head: be sure to keep a decent distance though, their arms could still reach you and damage you. All the hazards scattered on the stages can also be used to your advantage: zombies always choose the shorter way to reach you so you can use it to your advantage to set traps yourself or even lead zombies into the fire. When getting a Zombie on fire, keep your distance for some time since the zombie will still be dangerous a few seconds after catching fire.

  • Don’t rush Part II

It may seem obvious, but there are a lot of ways to avoid damage coming from rushing, like jumping from high platforms or getting too close to fire. Always think about what you’re doing: even though jumping from high can save you from death, the damage you take will probably force you to use a healing item and saving items in Zombi U is one of the most important things.

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