Zombi U Carbine And Shotguns Guide

Continuing with our analysis of all the weapons at your disposal in Zombi U, today we’ll cover Carbines and Shotguns.

The Carbines weapons class are the ones best suited for long range shots: if a zombie is in a delicate position quite far from you, don’t think twice about getting a carbine out and shoot. The real downside is the really long reload time which leaves you defenseless: this is the main reason why these weapons have to be used at long range.

  • Model N.4 Mk1 Carbine

This carbine sports a really high attack power and range: however it comes with an extremely long reload time. This is also worsened by the fact that you’ll have to reload after every shot. You get it quite early in the game, but I suggest you avoid relying too much on it: a missed shot at medium range may mean death.

  • Model 770 Carbine

Unlike the Mk1, this one needs reloading after five shots instead of one, making it a bit more safer to use in medium range. Its attack power is also very high, two shots will be enough to take out a zombie. The scope also increases accuracy in long range and the piercieng ability makes it possible to take out multiple zombies with well placed shots.


Shotguns are always good when dealing with this rotting beings: they’re incredibly powerful but they’re really loud. The best way to use shotguns is to make use of them when you’re facing an already aware horde, negating the disadvantages coming from the loudness of these weapons.

  • Double Barrel Shotgun

A classic among shotguns: incredible high power but requires reloading after only 2 shots, making it not so good when dealing with multiple enemies. Being loud, it’s also not too good to use when you’re trying to be stealthy.

  • Model 870 Shotgun

This shotgun comes with a lower attack power than the double barrel shotgun but with some advantages: reloading comes after 4 shots and it’s way quicker, making it more useful against multiple enemies. This shotgun will be available from Mission 11.

  • M4 Tactical Shotgun

This shotgun’s attack power is better than Model 870 but worse than the Double Barrel shotgun. However reloading only comes after 7 shots and reload time is even shorter than with Model 870. It’s the best shotgun to use when facing multiple enemies. This shotgun will be available from Mission 11

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