Zombi U Advanced Survival Strategies Guide

How’s the surviving going in Zombi U? We know that it can really be hard, the way the game is structured, but if you don’t want to see your characters become zombies and if you don’t want to be the one killing them for good, you better follow some more tips we’re going to give you all today!

  • Control the horde

Zombies in Zombie U are smart, we can give them that, but they’re still zombies that can easily be swayed: to easily get rid of a horde you can throw a flare to attract the zombies to a specific spot and use a molotov or a granade to get rid of all of them. Getting the bad prepared beforehand will give you another advantage in employing this strategy.

  • Know your zombies

The explosive zombies can be quite a pain to deal with in certain situations but you can also use them as explosive if you know what you’re doing. The explosive zombies carry tanks on their backs and, once shot, will explode taking all nearby zombies down. You can use the previous strategy and use the explosive zombies in plave of a granade: if their moving around bothers you, you can headshot them, leaving the tanks safe. There are many possibilities and it’s all up to you.

  • Use the terrain to your advantage

Given how zombies have quite some troubles moving around, you can easily use the terrain to your advantage: after stumbling, zombies will take some time before moving again.

  • Crossbow

Using the crossbow effectively is another good way to save some ammo: if you shoot a zombie and kill it with the crossbow, you can take the bolt back.

  • Doors

The doors in Zombi U are often a big help is slowing or even stopping zombies: close all the door after you have entered so to slow them down. The Keycard doors are even better since Zombies have no means to open them.

  • Sleeping

Sleep whenever you can: it will replenish health, flashlight and energy. There are no disadvantages so do it everytime you get the chance.


  • Virucide

Using the virucide can save you from certain death: you can use the sting when zombies are on you and have a chance to kill them. Not all zombies are weak to the virucide but it’s worth a shot anyway, especially if the only other alternative is death. Always keep it refilled and be fast when prompted, the input time is pretty short.

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